Bernie Barbie


Hi Berners! Since 2016, I've been shocked and overjoyed to see the Bernie Barbie™ logo go wild online. What started as a little joke in my head, turned into a larger cultural meme, and a wake up call as to how involved impassioned progressive voters can become in this campaign. I hope that, in its own tiny way, Bernie Barbie tees can start convos around the many key issues which separate Bernie from the pack, while also raising money for important causes. 

A portion of proceeds go to Bernie's campaign weekly and we plan to max out on individual donations to the campaign ($2800). Once we hit the limit on donations to Bernie we'll donate a remaining portion of remaining proceeds to KIND (Kids in Need of Defense). KIND works to protect children and families separated during immigration through legal services, public education, and outreach. In 2016, Bernie Barbie was able to raise money for Bernie while also donating 10k directly to Planned Parenthood's clinical operations (PPFA)! I was freakin overjoyed to raise this amount of funds helping to directly support womens access to necessary healthcare. 

Please share the shirt far and wide, with your friends and family. Tag yourself with #berniebarbie as I love to see the babes and share em! Support Bernie, progressive charity, ethically and sustainably made in USA gear, + a whole dang LOOQ. 

Follow us on Instagram @berniebarbie to stay abreast of all details!

♥ Nicole

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